Here My baby can read saying big "NO"


because the power of human brain.

Reading is helpful to your brain, right? It improves early child development, right? In fact, reading is probably the most significant skills one must grasp, and it’s a task that needs serious mental effort. Correct?
There are several seriously misguided people feel that learning to read early is harmful to a kid’s growth! Why? I’m not sure… Actually, I think it’s just that their alarmist quarrels. It’s so superficial and absurd that I have no idea whether to laugh or cry about it.

Because if they realize the power of the human brain, probably they don’t say anything negative about learning to read early.

I would like to give an example, how the human brain is starting to work from day one from the baby born. We all know for the just born babies, doctors will put preventive injections to prevent the disease like the chicken pox, malaria, etc… These injections are common, and we are happily accepted to put it on our babies. When the doctors put those injections, they advised us to keep your baby careful for at least for two to three days. He/she may be getting the fever, diarrhea, vomit, etc…

Ever did you think why these side effects happen after putting preventive injections and what medicine they inject into our babies body? You will shock when I tell the answer to these questions. The medicine used in preventive injections are nothing but the viruses and bacteria which are creating the disease like the chicken pox, malaria, etc.. I can be heard your voice with extended eyes (What?!). Yes, you believe or not, that’s the truth. OK but why? That’s the power of the human brain.

Our brains are having a superpower that allows finding the way to prevent those bacteria and viruses. Just consider the following scenario. When, enemies coming to attack what the war leader will do? He will form the army in different formations to get the victory from the enemies attack. During that war, some army men are getting wounded, but finally one super and unique formation of the army will beat the enemies. So war leader will use the same form of the army when the enemies are coming to attack. But this time without any loss from his army, because war leader already finds the way to beat enemies without any loss.

Replace the following from the above scenario, Consider our brain as the war leader and all other body parts as the army. Assume the preventive injections medicine as enemies and formations of the army as the formula to prevent the disease. I hope now you can realize why preventive injections having viruses which are creating the diseases which we want to prevent our baby.

However, I just want to explain those who still don’t understand. When the doctor put injection to our baby, the baby’s brain can find something new is coming into his body and immediately search with its own database whether the incoming thing is good or bad. If it is bad, the brain will do workout and find a formula to attack that. Once the formula has found the same has been stored in its database for future use. Since our baby brain is fresh, it takes two to three days to find the opt formula. That’s why during that day, our babies body may get some other illness.

I realized the human brain power. So I believe my baby can read early. Hope you can realize the power of just born babies brain. So what’s wrong to learn to read early in their age about two or three?. Nothing wrong, because the human brain is the superpower from day one of the baby born. Let’s teach your baby to read.

Now you can realize the power of just born babies brain. So what’s wrong to learn to read early in their age about two or three? Nothing wrong, because the human brain is the superpower from day one of the baby born. Let’s teach your baby to read.

Here, is a video of a kid reading chapter books at just 4 years 11 months old.

Here’s another video showing a boy reading at 2 years 9 months old.


It raises the final outcome of this content the various poor and absurd quarrels about why learning to read early might have negative effects on a baby’s growth. Obviously, when you attempted to train your kids to “read” to stay your kids while watching Tv or PC, you’re not making a true passion for reading or making an atmosphere ideal for reading phonetically.

When I discuss reading, I am talking about Actual, PHONETIC reading – absolutely no foolish word shape recall skills that you get with the different Tv or software programs. Those definitely fail to work and can result in reading troubles. When I discuss teaching a kid to read, I suggest teaching by phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics – technically proven methods that teach kids the required skills to decipher and understand the printed text. Kids who learn with these methods turn out to be outstanding readers, and these methods can be simplified enough to make it simple to teach kids as early as two and three years aged to read.

If you still feel that learning to read early has harmful results on kids growth, in that case, I’ve hit a brick wall in my effort to convince you, and you have just wasted a short while of your time. However, if you simply believe in all the positive advantages of teaching kids to read, then you need to have a look at this super simple, step-by-step program that will show you exactly how to teach your child to read and help your child become a superb reader. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THAT PROGRAM!